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Cleaning your House for the Big Sale


Preparing your house for sale is no easy matter.  Besides booking a mover and packing your belongings, you’ll have to get your house in order before you put it on the market.  To do that, you don’t have to spend a lot of money unless of course your house needs a thorough painting or re-carpeting or changing of best garage doors price apex.  What is important, however, is to follow the simple cleaning tips below that can hopefully attract a buyer as soon as possible.


Cleaning the bathrooms

Though it might seem obvious, clean bathrooms are what people focus on when looking at houses.  When cleaning bathrooms, it should be a deep clean.  Make sure to clean the tiles and the grout, and if necessary, buy special cleaning supplies.  The bathtub should be thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed and any stains should be removed.  Your bathroom’s vanity should be completely cleaned as well, and cabinets should be in working order.  Keep some type of freshener like a potpourri in the bathroom so that it smells good at all times. 


Cleaning the kitchen

Besides the bathrooms, a clean kitchen is crucial during those walkthroughs with potential buyers.  Your first point of attack should be the floors.  If your floor has no shine or luster, apply wax.  Next, thoroughly clean all cabinet doors and the stove and refrigerator.  And keep counter tops clutter free.  If you’re having an open house, keep a pot of coffee on and some homemade cookies in the oven for a pleasant, homey smell. 


Common rooms

The living room, den, dining room and other common areas should be cleaned and de-cluttered.  Throw away any old magazines or newspapers lying around and put away any loose books.  It goes without saying that any clothes or jackets placed on the couch or chairs should be hung up.  And wipe down any handprints on the walls.  If your rooms are carpeted, vacuum them and if they’re spotted, have them deep cleaned. 



Bedrooms should be tidy – clothes hung up, beds made, and toys placed in their containers.  Like the other areas in the house, clean any dirty walls as well.  Carpets should be vacuumed and if they’re spotted or stained, deep clean them. 

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